Merchandise information at the venue

Sale Date & Time 2021 11/20(Tue)
  • Before the show: 1:30PM ~ 4:30PM JST
  • After the show: 7:30PM ~ 8:00PM JST
2021 11/21(Sun)
  • Before the show: 1:30PM ~ 4:30PM JST
  • After the show: 7:30PM ~ 8:00PM JST
Where to buy: ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2F Promenade
Available goods Official brochure
Multi case with shoulder strap
T-shirt(6 design/size:L/M)
Event set [at LIVE]

*There are no limited special goods at the venue.
  • Official Brochure

    ¥2,750(Tax included)

    A dream collaboration of characters from past titles! There will be a lot of content, including a newly written script and a Q&A session with the performers!

    A4 portrait size, 30 pages of text, full color

  • Multi Case with Shoulder Strap

    ¥2,750(Tax included)

    It's a handy multi-case with two pockets, one large and one small!

    approx. W220mm x H170mm (strap approx. 1300mm)

  • Penlight

    ¥2,200(Tax included)

    Standard item for music events! Lights up in a total of 14 colors!

    Approx. W35mm x H250mm, 14 lighting colors available, with 3 AAA alkaline batteries

  • T-shirt
    [White/Metro Blue]

    ¥3,300(Tax included)

    The T-shirts worn by the characters have been made into merchandise,and the names of the gorgeous performing artists are designed on the back!

    Size L/M, 100% cotton

  • T-shirt
    [Natural / Denim]

    ¥3,300(Tax included)

    This t-shirt features silhouette designs of the characters!

    Size L/M, 100% cotton

  • T-shirt
    [coral orange/light green]

    ¥3,300(Tax included)

    The T-shirts worn by the characters have been made into merchandise! The back side has a pop design of the event title and Baja!

    Size L/M, 100% cotton

  • Event Set
    [at LIVE]

    ¥3,850(Tax included)

    Set of a flag, ribbon band,sticker will be delivered in a special drawstring pouch!

    [Drawstring pouch] approx. W220mm x H305mm, cotton/linen, [Flag] approx. W230mm x H280mm, satin fabric, [Ribbon band] approx. 290mm long, 20mm wide, material: polyester, PP, [Sticker set] 7 stickers (Haruka, Kumiko, Tohru, Mai, Tamako, Baja, Backstage Pass style), approx. W60mm x H90mm max.

Important notes on merchandise sales at the venue

  • -We ask for your cooperation to avoid overcrowding by following measures:
    • -Sales start at 1:30PM JST each day; you cannot line up before 1:30PM JST.
    • -Purchase is limited to those who have the seat tickets on the day of the event.
    • -You can purchase goods only on the dates stated on the ticket. (e.g., If you have a ticket for 11/20, you can go and buy only on 11/20.)
  • -Please wear a non-woven mask when coming to the venue.
  • -Please check your temperature before coming to the site. If there are any of the following symptoms or situations, we ask you to refrain from coming:
    • -If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or if your doctor has instructed you to stay home.
    • -If you have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COID-19 within 14 days before your visit.
    • -If anyone in your family or close to you is suspected to be infected.
    • -If you already have a fever higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius before coming.
    • -If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, general pain, malaise, sore throat, loss of sense of taste or smell.

Measures against new coronavirus infection

  • -Staff will wear masks after checking their temperature, wash and disinfect hands. Face shields and gloves will be used as needed.
  • -When in line, staff will check your tickets along with taking temperature and disinfecting.
  • -If you have a fever higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius and have any following symptoms, you are asked not to enter:
    [Fever, cough, shortness of breath, general pain, fatigue, sore throat, taste and smell disorder, headache, joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting]
  • -Please wear a non-woven mask in the venue.
  • -Please be aware of social distance and cough etiquette among the audience.
  • -Please refrain from talking loudly.
  • -This time, we ask you to pick the merch by yourself.
  • -Used gloves will be collected at the cash register.
  • -Used gloves will be collected at the exit of the venue.
  • -We ask you not to stay long in front of the merchandise. We appreciate your cooperation in making a smooth line move.
  • -We ask your understanding in using a coin tray when paying and receiving changes.
  • -No crowding or trading goods are allowed inside or outside the venue under any circumstances.

Precautions at the sales area

  • -To ensure safe shopping, please follow the staff's instructions when forming lines in the area.
  • -When the area's safety is judged not safe enough for visitors due to overcrowded situations or stormy weather, we may ask you to terminate or suspend to form the line.
  • -Payment is accepted in cash only.
  • -From the perspective of environment preservation, shoppers are subject to fees. (10yen/tax included)
  • -You can purchase single merchandise for up to two.
  • -Purchase for resale or to repeat lining up to re-purchase the same item is prohibited.
  • -If you have insufficient change or missing items, please inform us on the spot.
  • -Merchandises are prepared for day1 and day2, respectively.
  • -The number of items is limited, so we ask for your understanding and patience if sold out.
  • -These merchandises are available for pre-order at "KyoAni Shop! online shop".
  • -Please note that the merchandises are subject to change.