To secure the safety and prevent the infection of COVID-19 for all staff and performers, we will ensure to conduct this event with the utmost care under the guidelines required by the government and municipalities while monitoring the latest information.

In response to the discussion with Kyoto prefecture regarding the restriction of events stated by the government and municipalities, we were allowed to hold the event with a relaxed capacity limit.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and express our gratitude for your kind understanding and cooperation.

■Requests to visitors

We would like to ask all visitors to read and comprehend the following before visiting.

[When visiting]

  • -At the entrance, the visitors will be asked to check the temperature and hand sanitize.
  • -All visitors are strictly required to wear masks. Also, we ask visitors to wear non-woven masks for effective prevention control.
  • -Please make sure to check one's temperature at home before coming to the site.
  • -If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, general pain, fatigue, sore throat, taste or smell disorder, headache, joint or muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., please be sure to contact the consultation desk before visiting and follow the instructions to be examined at a designated medical institution.

Novel Coronavirus Medical Consultation Center (local hotlines)(MHLW website)
MHLW Consultation Hotlines: 0120-565653(toll-free)
Service hours: AM9:00-PM9:00 (available on weekends and holidays)
*MHLW Covid-19 Information and Resources for foreign nationals

  • -Please note that those who will not meet the admission requirements below will be denied to enter the theatre.
    • -Ones who have traveled abroad within two weeks before the event and have no evidence to prove negative of COVID-19.
    • -Ones who have traveled abroad within two weeks before the event and have no evidence to prove negative of COVID-19.
    • -Ones who are not wearing a non-woven mask.
    • -Ones whose family member is suspected of the infection.
    • -Ones who can not provide personal information.
    • -Ones who have tested positive of COVID-19 14 days prior to the event.
    • -Ones who had close contact with a person tested positive of COVID-19 14 days prior to the event.
  • -Please make sure to download the following app recommended by the MHLW before the event.
    COVID-19 Contact-Confirming App(COCOA)
    Also, please make sure to turn on the Bluetooth on the day of the event.
  • -We have a Sagawa Express service counter that offers baggage delivery(domestically) and temporary storage services in the venue. (payments required) Please check here for specific information.
  • -No crowding at one place or goods exchanging is allowed inside or outside the venue under any circumstances.
  • -The organizer of the event and the cooperative companies are not liable for any accidents caused by the negligence of the visitors.
  • -The organizer of the event and the cooperative companies are not liable for any trouble or damage caused by items brought in by visitors.
  • -Please note that the starting time, performers, and contents are subject to change without notice.
  • -To avoid accidents and ensure the safety of the visitors, please make sure to follow the staff's instructions. If you do not follow these instructions, you may be refused entry, or the event itself may be canceled.


  • -Admission is limited to the individuals who have purchased the ticket.
  • -Because of hand disinfection and temperature and baggage checks at the entrance, the area may be crowded around the starting time. Therefore, to ensure visitors' admission before the show starts, please make admission as soon as the doors open.
    We ask everyone's warm cooperation in ensuring the event's smooth operation by arriving well in advance.

◇About baggage inspection

  • -Please note in advance that we ask visitors to open the bag for staff's check during the baggage inspection.
    Also, the security staff may put their hands in the bag or open inner packages in case of further inspection in need
  • -The size of carry-on baggage is only allowed within H35×W35×35D(cm). No other size larger than this will not be allowed to bring in the theatre.
  • -There are cloakrooms at the venue or coin lockers nearby the theater, so please consider using those if necessary.
  • -No dangerous items or liquids are allowed to be brought into the venue.
    *Prohibited items
    Hazardous materials and tools: box cutter, scissors, tools, gun powder
    Liquids:bottles. cans, liquor, alcohol, chemicals, chemical lights that have glowing fluid in them, etc.


  • -At the entrance, we may ask to check the visitor's tickets and identity on some occasion.Therefore, make sure to bring the visitor's ticket and one or more IDs to match the ticket holder's name and the visitor.
  • -If visitors do not bring IDs or tickets, the visitor will not be allowed to enter for any reason, including loss, theft, or flaw.Please note that we will not refund the ticket or pay for the transportation expenses in such a case.
  • -Tickets may not be sold or transferred to third parties, including friends and family.
  • -We will not be responsible for any problems caused by the tickets obtained other than authorized purchase methods.
  • -Companions are strictly required to come with the ticket holders.
  • -If there is a discrepancy in the confirmation details, we may suspend the admission of the visitors while checking the facts.
  • -If the visitor's ID does not match the purchaser or the ticket was discovered to have been resold or transferred, the visitor's admission will be refused.

<Applicable Identification at this event>

  • IDs with photo
    (Visitors only need either of the following IDs to be verified.)
  • 1 Passport
  • 2 Driver's license
  • 3 Student ID card
  • 4 Basic resident registration card
  • 5 Physical disability card
  • 6 Rehabilitation certificate
  • 7 For foreign nationals:
    Alien Registration Card, Residence Card, Special Permanent Resident
  • 8 Individual Number Card(number notification card is not acceptable)
  • *Photocopies, handwritten, expired, or cards with unusable markings are not acceptable.
  • *When using your "Individual Number Card" as an ID, please show only the front side( the side with the photo.) Please be assured that we will not look at the backside since the number is needless to be checked.
  • *Also, please be aware that notification cards(printed on paper, no photos) of Individual Number Cards are unacceptable as an ID.

<Visitors who do not have any of the above items 1-8>

  • We will verify the visitor's identity by either of the following methods:
  • A) Verify with two official identifications.
  • B) Verify with one official identification and one item with the visitor's name on it.
  • *Visitors can not enter the venue only with one official certificate.
  • ○Official certificates are :
    Health insurance card, Certificate of Residence, Family register or abstract of family register, Seal Registration Certificate, Pension handbook
    *If visitors need to verify with the above certificates, please make sure to bring two of them. Only with one item is invalid.
    -All of the above certificates must be brought in their officially issued state.
    Also, the Family register, Abstract of family register, Certificate of Residence must be within six months of issuance.
  • ○Items with names are:
    Employee ID, Student ID(without photo), Credit card, Cash card,
    Please note that utility bills(electricity, water, etc.) or mails are invalid even if their names are on.
    *If visitors need to verify with the above items, please make sure to bring official certificates besides. Only one of the above items is invalid to verify.
  • -Entrance staff is required to wear non-woven masks, while face shields and gloves will depend on the circumstances.
  • -Eating and drinking in the theater or the building are prohibited. Please move to the outside of the building on those occasions.
  • -Smoking is prohibited in the venue.
  • -Waiting for the performers to come in and leave around the site is strictly prohibited.
  • -Please be aware of social distancing and cough etiquette, and refrain from unnecessary moves from your seats or staying in the aisles or the lobby.

[When viewing]

  • -Please wear a mask after entering and during the performance.
  • -It is strictly prohibited to move to any seats other than the ones indicated on the ticket.
  • -It is prohibited to cheer, sing aloud, and stand during the event.
  • -Please refrain from talking to each other as much as possible.
  • -We ask your cooperation to refrain from following activities related to the cheering goods for other people's nuisance: raising them higher than one's chest, waving in the air.
    Also, the use of penlights, guide lights, fan-shaped or circular penlights is strictly prohibited.
  • -Recording and shooting are strictly prohibited in the venue. Please note that you may be asked to leave the venue, or the performance may be canceled if such activities are discovered.
  • -We ask for your cooperation in viewing following the rules, manners, and infection prevention measures.
  • -In the venue, visitors may unintentionally be filmed or photographed by the recording staff. These may be used for news coverage, advertising, promotions, and other purposes related to this event.

[When leaving]

  • -To avoid overcrowding, we plan to implement the safety regulations such as exiting in turns. In this regard, please plan your return well in advance.
  • -After exiting the venue, please do not stay in the vicinity of the site and kindly leave the area swiftly.

[To apply for and purchase tickets]

  • -If a positive case of the COVID-19 is confirmed in the venue, we may provide the information to the public without prior notice in response to a request from a public institution such as a healthcare center.

[Resale and transfer of tickets]

  • -Please purchase tickets through authorized sales channels such as play guides that the organizer has officially licensed.
  • -Any act of transferring, reselling, purchasing tickets for commercial purposes, or any attempts is strictly prohibited.
  • -There is no guarantee of the validity for the tickets purchased through unauthorized sales channels in any manner.
  • -Please note that any resold tickets are deemed invalid and may result in a denial of admission.
  • -Please note that we may require identification if any fraud discovered as follows: transfer or resale of tickets for commercial purposes or any of those suspected acts.

[The following individuals and activities are strictly prohibited]

The following people are strictly prohibited from entering the venue:

  • -Gangesters and the gang members
  • -Those who have been drinking alcohol or are under the influence of alcohol.

The following activities are strictly prohibited

  • -Transferring or exchange of tickets between visitors for commercial purposes or any monetary exchange thereof.
  • -Distribution of handbills, etc.
  • -Bringing dangerous items, pets, or alcoholic beverages into the venue.
  • -Bringing in photographic equipment such as tripods that may cause inconvenience to other visitors.
  • -Drinking alcohol or sitting on the floor
  • -Sales and display of goods, etc.
  • -Rallies and speeches at the venue
  • -Activities and filming, shooting that may cause inconvenience to other customers.
  • -Visiting and waiting from the night before
  • -Bringing in large items that may cause inconvenience to other visitors.

Individuals who do not follow the above requests and guidelines or do not comply with the staff's instructions and are deemed by the organizer to act equivalently may be refused admission or asked to leave the venue. Please note that the tickets will not be refunded in such cases.

We consistently make efforts to keep updated on the information related to COVID-19 and continue to discuss the feasibility of holding the event as well as the content and duration of the stage, giving top priority to the safety of the visitors.

Please note that the guidelines and the COVID-19 measures will be revised as necessary.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safety of the event.