Notice of additional and regular ticket sales in response to the relaxed capacity limit

In response to the discussion with Kyoto prefecture regarding the restriction of events stated by the government and municipalities, we were allowed to hold the event with a relaxed capacity limit.
Based on this, we would like to announce the regular sales of [Seat ticket for venue] as follows:

[Regular sales]
Sales period: 11/6 Sat. 10:00 AM JST~
Ticketing period:11/13 Sat. 0:00 AM JST~ on the day of the event

  • [Notes]
  • -The sales will be closed as soon as the ticket purchase reaches the maximum of the number.
  • -The ticket purchase is limited to one ticket per person. Please note that if we find the same person's multiple applications, it may be invalid. We ask for your kind understanding to allow many people to join this event.

We continue to have deliberate discussions of the operations of this event while monitoring the information of COVID-19 closely to ensure visitors' safety.
For your information, we have prepared some procedures to make refunds for visitors who became difficult to come to the event for an inevitable reason. (Please refer to the link below)
We will keep you updated on our website with the latest information if there are changes of announcement or notice for the visitors coming to the venue.